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Why equine therapeutic?

Horseback riding is great exercise and a whole lot of fun. It is also an excellent therapy for addressing key symptoms affiliated with autism: communication and social skills, lowered sensory skills, motor skills, and response to verbal cues and external stimulation. When you ride, you develop a bond with your horse and they become familiarized with your movements, attitudes and emotions, which make them extremely effective in bonding with an autistic child and encouraging communication and interaction.

Autistic children learn to focus on something outside themselves and learn to communicate and interact by responding to verbal cues from the instructor.  Those who have attended have seen a great deal of improvement in communication, motor skills and so much more.


How your  Child can benefit from the equine therapy. 


For thousands of years the bond between man and animal has proven to be effective in creating an emotional, healing bond. Horses are used by physical, speech, and occupational therapists to reach their patients on a personal level through what is referred to as “hippotherapy.” Children with autism also benefit from equine therapy due to the motor, emotional, and sensory sensations that come with riding a horse.


Creating the Emotional Bond

Autistic children have difficulty bonding emotionally to others. As the parent of an autistic child, you know that it is hard for your child to make eye contact, communicate what he is feeling, and express himself to those he cares about. Rather than verbal communication, autistic children experience physical communication with the horses. They brush them, hug them, and pat them. By learning to care for the horse, they associate the care they provide with feelings and an emotional bridge is constructed. This bond can lead to social and communication skill production with other people in his life as well.


Cognitive and Language Skills Development

Some children  often have difficulty comprehending normal directions. By engaging in equine therapy, your child follows directions through a fun activity that makes taking direction easier to grasp and remember. He will also give the horse direction, which provides him with more opportunities to communicate. Your child is naturally motivated to move; thus, he is excited and motivated to communicate. During his therapy his cognitive concepts will naturally improve. For example, equine therapists have children throw colored balls into baskets while riding, touch their eyes, mouth, and ears during a song, and identify scenes—all incorporated during riding.


Sensory Benefits

Balance and spatial orientation are experienced through the vestibular sense organs. These are located inside the inner ear and are stimulated through direction change, incline, and speed. Riding a horse helps liven these sensory preceptors, which helps make therapy exciting and motivates your child to continue to be engaged.

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Equine Therapeutic Assisted-Activities  at Moccasin Stables


We are now offering Equine Therapeutic Riding Lessons.


Our instructor, Kathleen Gallant is a P.A.T.H Intl. & E.G.A.L.A certified instructor with over 20 years in the Therapeutic field.


“I like to create a level of harmony between horse

and rider”, Kathleen Gallant


Kathleen has had a love of horses her whole life.

She went to vocational schools as a teen for horse care and training. She has worked at racetracks and trained young thoroughbreds on and off the track. Kathy has shown throughout the years in jumping and dressage.

Kathleen has been teaching traditional riding lessons for over 20 years and started working with therapeutic riding students 15 years ago. She has volunteered at Spurwink Riding School, and riding To the Top Therapeutic Riding Center. In 1999 and 2012 Kathleen was an equestrian coach for Equine Special Olympics in Maine. She received her PATH Intl. and EAGALA certifications as an instructor.

Now in Florida, Kathleen will continue working for the new program at Moccasin Stables, Pure Soul, the therapeutic horseback riding assisted-activities program.

Her lessons are creative, fun and educational..


Call us or text to 

Julia (850) 363-8572



Instagram @puresoul442020


Session  Prices



One Single session $50



Package of session Pure Soul ETAA


$160..4 sessions (group of 2 max)


 $280.....8 sessions ( Group of max 3 students)


$360.....12 sessions (Group of max 3 students)


All Lesson Packages Must be Paid in Advance, Packages Not Paid in Advance Will be Charged at the Regular Rate. Lessons package are not subject to reschedule.


*24 hour notice is required for cancellation lessons, without 24-hour notice will incur a loss of 1 lesson from the package. Top Equestrian Brands

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